Nusa Penida: A Night to Remember

So here we are.. 5 lonely but not so lonely cowboys exploring the beauty of what has been so breathtaking lately in instagram..  NUSA PENIDA..

Photo on the left of taken in GPS coordinate: 8°45’13.00″S 115°32’18.00″E .. it was somewhere on the way to suwehan beach from cyrstal bay.. thought the background was the teletabis.. no?

I complete all pictures with the GPS coordinate.. as this what has been missing on some blogs that I read.. you can copy and paste the GPS coordinate to google map to see the exact location on the map..

we were all never been to nusa penida.. internet gave us a lot of things.. but it never complete.. the most crucial for me is the GPS coordinate.. hotel booked through agoda.. coco resort it was!.. as my understanding from the net.. nusa penida has 2 harbors for bali boat.. maruti express boat is going to the harbors on the east of the island.. caspla is more to the middle north of the island.. maruti has a nice time departure from sanur (9:00) and it’s a lot nearer from our hotel.. but it was fully booked!.. so we took caspla instead.. 7:30 departure.. took about 30 min to our hotel by motor bike.. on the boat from bali took a little bit more than 1 hour..

been reading some blogs, instagram, pinInterest, asking friends.. I find some pictures and try to find the location of that pictures.. considering our time, I decided to go 5 spot only..
1. Angel Billabong (on google map)
2. Pasir Uug (on google map)
3. Crystal Bay (on google map)
4. Guyangan Water Spring
5. Suwehan Beach (which is IN FACT WRONG !!)

got to the caspla harbour.. rented 4 bikes.. (1 of us too chicken to ride a bike haha).. went to hotel .. unpacked stuffs such as whiskey bottles!.. yeah.. we have 3 of them!.. we decided to go to crystal bay for brunch.. only took 10 minutes from our hotel.. but it was not like what i have expected.. this is like the well-known famous spot in the island.. i thought it has more crowd.. more shops.. or more coffee shops.. in fact.. we were the only tourist in that time (+-9am).. and only 1 “eatable” warung.. food was good enough btw.. view? so so.. best for sunset probably?

then we decided to go to suwehan beach.. we started from the furthest spot.. it took so long, hot, and hard trip (2 hrs) to get to suwehan beach.. and we couldn’t get the spot that we wanted! holy cow!.. there was a girl selling drinks at the parking space of the beach.. we asked her about the spot.. showed her some pictures.. she has no clue.. she took us to her land instead.. and asked us to promote the view on the net..  
GPS: 8°47’51.00″S 115°36’15.00″E
This is the view from the girl land.. beach below is Suwehan Beach

so we were told it might be in Atuh beach which is about 30 min from suwehan beach.. off we go! we got some nice spots (not the spot that we wanted tough).. see atuh pic below.. below the cliff is a nice spot called pulau seribu.. it was almost 4pm.. we had to go to pasir uug and angle billabong.. trying to get there before dark.. so another long, hot and hard damn road trip.. missed the pulau seribu spot 🙁

the road to Angel Billabong and Pasir Uug was so rocky.. up and down really steep.. but the good thing.. it is on google map!.. the view was phenomenal ! it’s so worth the effort to get there ! heard this big land own by one of country conglomerate.. just wondering how come they are so fast knowing this part of the world? uberchopper?

Arrived in the hotel around 8pm++.. swam.. dinner.. We planned to finish the whiskey at night.. but it was too tiring after those long, hot and hard trip.. I was too sleepy.. only a guy kept drinking while 4 of us dreaming.. where was his energy coming from? *wondering* ..

on the next day.. the plan was to relax and chilled after a drunken night.. but since we didn’t get to drunk.. felt so energizing.. we were all curious about 2 spots that we left.. motor bike is too hot, hard and tiring.. so we asked the hotel to take us there.. well.. we are not that Adventurous after all! spoiled old men youuuu!

Driver knew both spots!.. Suwehan was totally wrong! what we after was supposed to be near Kelingking Beach.. way far from Suwehan beach!.. and it is on GOOGLE MAP! it’s called Cliff Manta Point! there was a 90 degrees stair to go down to get a better spot from the pic we had below.. but we thought not worth the effort.. it’s a polite way to say we actually scared to go down! haha!

Guyangan was totally not in google map.. some maps I found on the web even gave me wrong point.. the famous pic of guyangan is the natural pool beside the cliff facing the ocean.. to get to the pool from the parking lot.. we had to go down the stair for about 30min.. see my pic below.. yes that kinda stair.. some from wood.. some from steel.. at the bottom of the stair is the ocean! after we arrived to the pool.. there was a sign that it’s prohibited to use the pool.. oh mannn.. !


Atuh Beach
GPS: 8°46’30.0″S 115°37’16″E

Guyangan Water Spring
GPS: 8°46’51.0″S 115°31’3″E
Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach / Cliff Manta Point
GPS: 8°45’4.0″S 115°28’27″E

Pasir Uug

Pasir Uug
GPS: 8°43’57″S 115°27’2″E

Angel Billabong
GPS: 8°44’00″S 115°26’56″E
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay
GPS: 8°42’57.00″S 115°27’33.00″E

15 Days / 14 Nights In Japan Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Yuzawa

Just arrived from this beautiful country last week.. Japan absolutely is a country with its own beauty.. One of those country that I wanna be in my life.. miss it already! 日本を愛し! (nihon o aishi which means love japan)

I’ve been travelling for some countries but trust me.. Japan is something different! They differ in a lot of things. Thanks to my friends who care sharing some valuables information and read so many blogs and articles before coming to this country..

I traveled with wife and 2 kids (11 and 9yo). Travelling with them means I have to prepare myself double maybe more. I can’t just go to the wrong way and go back. They will scream at me!



Hotels are expensive stuff in Japan. Something like Ibis Hotel, budget hotel with very small space, costs around 20k yen per night. So the 4 of us, will need 2 rooms which make it 40k yen per night. It is way beyond our budget. Have read some articles and blogs about some nice cheap hotels, but they either quite far or super small. The only choice is find something in Airbnb. Another problem, I was too late to book.. mostly the best places weren’t available on the end of Dec.. I left with few choices.. I think about 15% of what available in the area was left (the percentage was shown in airbnb website)..  I’ve been hosting airbnb for four years but never use it. It was my first airbnb travel experience.. and it was amazing.. both the apartment that I rented was good! Close to main area, bed comfortable and clean.

Place to visit

When travelling with kids, things got really slow. Probably 1 or 2 places in a day. So many blogs and articles to browse around for about the places to visit. Combining those blogs and articles, I got the idea which were the most suitable places for us..


From the articles and friends, taxi in Japan is so expensive. Public transport is the only choice. Before going to Japan, the most complicated subway system that I ever used was Seoul. The most difficult one is Bangkok since they didn’t have the latin characters on the station name. All the station name looked the same, I have to use google map when riding on the train to know if I was in the right direction and stop in the correct one!

When I looked at Japan subway system, especially the 1 in Tokyo.. omg.. shocking!! Good enough to know that they have latin characters on it. I bought 1 week JR Pass for around 90k yen (2 adults 2 kids) for travelling around osaka, kyoto, tokyo and yuzawa. Those bullet trains (shinkansen) really costly. If you are going to travel around a lot, JR Pass really worth it. For other days, I bought the pre-paid card to make thing easier: ICOCA for osaka and SUICA for tokyo. The card itself costs like 100yen.

For Kyoto, taking bus is better than train. Train doesn’t go to many tourist places in Kyoto, but bus does. We bought 1 day bus pass for 1 day unlimited ride just outside the Kyoto train station.


In Japan, foreigner is not allowed to have a mobile sim card to call or sms. Internet is the only form of communication to bring with us. For internet, the choices are sim card, mobile wifi, free wifi and paid wifi. Free and paid wifi are not an option for us. I will really depend on google map for the subway. Free and paid wifi are only available on certain places. Knowing that our airbnb host will provide us with mobile wifi, I chose the sim card. Bought it in and have it sent to the airport post office. It cost about 2500 yen for 14 days. It’s unlimited data but it slows down the speed if you use more 1 gig in 3 days which happened to me! I forgot that my google drive was still on when I connected my notebook to my phone. I think for normal use, it’s good enough.

Important to note

You can’t bring your big luggage to the train. There isn’t enough space on the train and lift is something very very rare in train station. You feel very lucky when you see escalator! Mostly stairs. Can you imagine bringing those big luggage climbing those stairs?

I was worried about language, but in fact, it wasn’t a problem at all. They rarely understand english, but I managed to get what I want. Most restaurants (in tourist areas) have the english menu or pictures of the food. I never ask direction, google map is a perfect tool there. It even shows the time when train is coming and it’s right on the minute! Train stations complete with japanese, korean, chinese and english sign.


Arrived on 9am in Kansai International airport. 1st thing to do is finding a way to send our big luggage. 2nd, get our sim card in the post office. 3rd, get on train to osaka city. We stayed near the Nippombashi train station. Just one train station from Namba. I glad I chose this area. Osaka has 2 big cities: Namba and Umeda. Namba is more to tourist area where you see a lot of markets and shopping streets, on the other hand, Umeda is more to office and elite shopping mall area I would say. First 3 days we spent our time in Osaka. Places such as Osaka Castle, Dotonbori and Kaiyukan Aquarium are the star. Universal Studio is quite pricey but worth a visit.

Karaoke bar is something very common in Dotonbori. It’s very small. I think about 4 x 8m? half of it is the bar and the other half is where the guest sit.  I think maximum 8 people. There’s a small tv on the corner showing you the song and lyrics. So the bartender is the host for the drink, talking, choosing the song, making everybody happy basically.

The 4th day, we went to Kyoto. It’s good that we bought the bus pass. Thanks to our friend who recommend us to buy the bus pass as train didn’t go to several places in Kyoto. As time permitted, I decided to go to only 3 top places: Fushimi Inari Shrine, Golden Paviliun and Arashimaya Bamboo Groove. They were all amazing! We should have spend 1 night in Kyoto so that we 2 day to explore. One day absolutely not enough!

The 5th till 15th day we spent our time exploring tokyo. The star was Tsukiji fish market, Sensoji Temple with its Nakamise Street, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba area where the liberty statue is, Shibuya crossing. I always love the market every time I visit some places. Market is the place that somehow showing the local culture. Sensoji is like another temples but the street market (nakamise st) on the entrance was somehow amazing. This is where we get most of our japanese gift.

We visited 3 high observation point in Tokyo: tokyo tower, daiba fuji tv and tokyo skytree. The tokyo skytree is the best, the latest and the highest. Not to forget the shopping mall below it. It’s so complete! I was under estimate about Shibuya crossing. I lived in sydney for a while. Sydney has a thing like this in the city, at qvb to be precise. All traffic lights go red, so people can go any direction on the intersection. I thought it was similar. But, it is completely different. I never see these many people crossing the street. It was full of people over and over again!

During our stay in tokyo, we went to fuji kawaguchiko to see mount fuji. Those glacier that crafting mount fuji at the top is so beautiful. We were lucky enough to see it for some times till the cloud covered them. We also went to Gala Yuzawa ski resort. Direct 70 minutes from tokyo station using shinkansen. Love love love the snow..


Mount Bromo East Java – Volcanic Gateway

Thanks to Bromo Marathon organiser, otherwise I wont get my ass to this fantastic place. It was my first time to bromo. There wasn’t enough courage before. But the marathon gave more courage than I need. Took a flight to Surabaya from Denpasar. It was CHAOS in Bali airport. Lion air just ruined my day, almost 6 hours delayed! We should arrive in Surabaya around 10AM.. but in fact we got there by 4PM! I really felt sorry for the rent car driver who waited us from for 6 hours too. Lion air now is in my last list to fly.

I used my smartfren android to navigate me to Bromo Cottages, the place we stayed for the 2 nights. Two important things to note if you are going on your own like me.. First, google map will give us the shortest route.. there’s only choice to exclude toll or highway on your route but there’s no choice to exclude tiny road or even soiled road.. Second, Bromo is in high and rural area. You could hardly get any mobile phone signal..

Get lucky! I realized this JUST 1 night before I go.. otherwise, we might have to sleep in the car because being lost.. I managed to take the route with the biggest road.. It’s longer but saver for us.. the route was from surabaya airport to pasuruan.. then we took jalan raya tebas.. about 20 minutes after.. we started to lose the mobile signal.. and it was dark already.. we then prayed and hoped to see any signs.. haha.. thanks lion air to make our journey much more challenging!

Bromo only has 1 attraction.. the mountain and view around it.. that’s all.. but it’s STUNNING.. search for pictures in google.. it’s truly amazing.. Life in bromo begin at 4AM and end around 2PM.. after 2PM, it’s only hase.. can’t see anything.. radius 50m.. that’s all you can see..

Mount bromo is surrounded by mountains and hills.. and the best part.. it’s surrounded by large sand field.. So the best view of the mountain is from surrounded hills or mountains.. Normally.. you took the jeep to some certain sunrise point.. I was there around 4.30.. and it was packed!.. it’s truly STUNNING.. I went to the mountain itself.. the view was amazing also.. but I like the one from the hill more..

This is what I want to do if I got a chance to go there again.. I went here for marathon.. I got the chance to see the village, the people who actually live there.. next.. i want to explore more.. ride around with bike seem nice.. from hill to hill..

Indonesia and Bali Public Holidays

Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia. Some people get confuse as Bali is more famous than Indonesia. As a part of Indonesia, Bali is enjoying the Indonesia public holidays. Bali has its own public holiday also in addition of the Indonesian public holiday. It’s more likely to be Bali Important Days instead of public holidays. If you are more dealing with local balinese people, you should pay more attention to the bali important days also. This includes eating balinese food. They are mostly closed on bali important days but open on indonesia public holiday.

Indonesia Public Holidays are as follows:

January 1, 2013 New Year’s Day 2013
January 24, 2013 Birthday of the Prophet Mohammad SAW
February 10, 2013 Chinese New Year – Imlek 2564
March 12, 2013 Hari Nyepi Cakra 1935 (Bali Day of Silence)
March 29, 2013 Good Friday
May 9, 2013 Ascension Day of Jesus Christ into Heaven
May 25, 2013 Hari Raya Waisak 2557
June 6, 2013 Isra Mi’raj Prophet Mohammad SAW
August 5,6,7, 2013 Shared Holiday
August 8-9, 2013 Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1434H
August 17, 2013 Indonesian Independence Day
October 14, 2013 Shared Holiday
October 15, 2013 Idul Adha 1434 H
November 5, 2013 Islamic New Year 1435 H
December 25, 2013 Christmas Day
December 26, 2016 Shared Holiday

Bali Important Days / Public Holidays are as follows:

March 11-13, 2013 Hari Nyepi / Bali Day of Silence ceremonies
March 26-28, 2013 Galungan
April 6, 2013 Kuningan
August 10, 2013 Saraswati
August 14, 2013 Pagerwesi
Oktober 22-24, 2013 Galungan
November 2, 2013 Kuningan

Normally, on these dates, local balinese people will busy the ceremonies. Yes, only the local balinese people. Other local people, which are a lot from other part of indonesia, will work as usual. Tourist area won’t be affected.

Ayam Betutu Bali

Ayam Betutu is one of original balinese foods. It’s not for everyone tough. The taste of the herbs are really really strong. If you don’t like tasty food, you won’t like this. But if you do.. you’ll loveeee this ayam betutu. Mostly it consists of turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, onion, garlic, cassava and chilies. The taste is quite different between places. You can find its receipt here.

You can find this ayam betutu everywhere in Bali from low class warung to stand at the mall. I listed some nice one that I have tried here:

First and the best is Warung Makan Bu Kadek Wati.. phone: 0361.7441495.. google maps -8.635758,115.216455. The chicken is so soft, the taste is nice and strong and it’s really really cheap.. only 8K! photo above was taken at this warung.. the place quite small.. it’s like 4 x 12m.. with 2 long tables on the side facing the wall.. 1 big long table in the middle.. normally very busy during lunch time.. and the food normally finish around 1 – 2 PM..

Second, Warung Bu Adnyana.. google maps -8.64889,115.219738.. the chicken is also soft.. the taste is quite different.. softer than the first one.. but still so nice.. it’s 35K otherwise.. the place is like 5 x 16.. not too busy.. they normally close around 5 PM..

Third, Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh Gilimanuk.. it’s in old Gilimanuk Terminal.. I haven’t eat this food for quite a while.. it’s really far from Denpasar.. it’s like 3 hours drive.. but if you drive from Denpasar to Java or vice versa.. you should go to this warung.. Chicken is so soft and nice.. it’s specially super HOT.. hot but you can’t stop haha.. last time the price around 70K for 1 whole chicken.. not sure now..

Forth, Stand Waybe at Beachwalk Eat n Eat area.. if you are not a typical food hunter.. you can go to beachwalk mall in Kuta Beach.. top floor where the food court is.. you’ll find stand waybe.. they sell balinese food.. the taste is ok.. price quite high.. but at least you know..

to be continue..


Slippery Stone Seminyak Bali

I love this place to spend the night.. really cozy.. not too crowd.. nice ambiance.. very relaxing.. what’s best for me are their interior design.. simple but modern artistic.. spaces between tables are far enough which make it more comfortable.. the last but not least.. their staffs were super excellent.. Google Maps: -8.6711,115.159378

Slippery Stone serve western, indonesian and balinese food. I tried the steam barramundi (110K rupiah), ikan bakar (110K), super chrispy chicken wing (50K) and soft shell crab burger (70K). They were all OK for me.. not too special.. but not bad either.. they were just too too small for me.. I had to eat at least 2 main foods.. and you have to add 10+10% for the tax and services.. I felt the price was a bit too expensive for the foods..

For drinks however, the prices were ok.. small beer bintang for 25K.. draught for 28K..

Come back? I will !

Sate Plecing Arjuna

This is one of the most unique food in Bali.. Sweet pork sate with chili / sambal sauce.. can you imagine that? Before I went to this place.. I never imagine mixing sweet pork sate with sambal sauce..

If you’re afraid of sambal, it might look scary. Well it is scary. But it’s sooooo so damn nice. This is one of the must food you eat in Bali.

The pork is so soft.. the taste really nice.. not to sweet.. although they’re sweetened.. the smoke taste also there.. The sambal sauce is the best of all.. it’s in the middle of medium to super hot (for me).. I can taste the shrimp taste but not too strong.. just perfect..

If you don’t like sambal.. you can try the sweet sauce.. but for me.. it’s just standard.. they also have beef and beef  ball soup.. pretty standard also..

The place is a warung.. low class restaurant.. no aircon.. seat on the bench instead of chair.. long table.. packed of people.. super hot especially when the satay smoke come inside.. limited tissue.. no smile.. the worst.. you can’t ask for additional sambal, soup or anything.. but.. the food is just too nice.. which keep me coming back.. haha..

Some tips if you want to come here.. if you come during holiday season.. don’t come during lunch time.. they open 10 – 5.. some times they close earlier when the satay finish.. some times later than 5 if they still have the satay.. bring your own tissue.. when you eat chili in a hot place.. you easily get super wet inside and outside.. if you are not used to spicy food or bbq ashes.. you might want to take at least 3 yakults..

Price is OK.. last time I ate 35 satays, 2 orange ices, 2 beef ball soups.. 2.5 rices.. I spent less than 100K..

New Year 2013 in Bali

New year is here againnn.. time pass really damn fast.. It’s always been confusing for me.. where to go.. will it be good.. nye only comes once each year.. I don’t want to ruin it.. So I’ll list some of nye parties in Bali to give better thought..

Waterboom Bali
more info

I know this place will be rocking.. will definitely be packed.. they have some overseas djs performing..
Price: 250K, 350K and 2.5M for table reserved..
More info go to

This is the latest hottest club.. 100% fully packed.. bottles promo 10 – 12 PM from 700K.. go to for updates..

Potato Head Beach Club
Claiming would be the heaviest nye party tunes.. performing some international djs.. should be around 800K.. they haven’t post the event details on their web.. but should be around the same price as Kudeta..

Hard Rock Cafe will have one night in rio with sem thomasson..

Nammos will have A Nigh of Decadence and Hedonism with Bert Bevans.. 1M for couple inc 750ml F Vodka..

Akasaka Music Club will have Pirates of The Akasaka with some jakarta djs..
Eikon will have Sarah Robertson (Oz Dj former playboy bunny)..
Boshe will have DJ Winky.. 200K..
Pyramid will have12 hours party journey..
Cocoon will haveblack and white party with some performances..
Komune Beach club will have DJ Tony Montana – Ibiza with free entry..
W will havelondon beats party from 4PM – 4AM..
Kudeta will have Diamons Are Forever… 800K – 900K tickets.. with DJ Danny Marquez – Space Ibiza
Club 27 will have Pool Party.. 200K – 250K..
District will have El Paradiso Del District with Remy Irwan and Ninda Felina..
Rooftop @ the101 will have Hawaii Party.. 250K..

Venues that can accomodate for huge number of people are Waterboom, Skygarden with their club dome and roof garden, Potato Head, Hard Rock Cafe, Nammos, Akasaka and Boshe. If you wanna see a lot of people.. there are the only choices. Waterboom will have concert instead of dance party, it’s not for me then.  I don’t really like the crowd in Hard Rock Cafe, Akasaka and Boshe, they are normally not party people. Nammos is just too far, and I believe they won’t have enough crowd to make it fun. It left me with Skygarden and Potato Head.

Skygarden is just like my normal saturday night with more crazier people of course.. but it’s a lot cheaper.. 2.5M if I go with 4 friends.. might order another 2 bottles + some snacks.. maximum end up 5M for 4 people.. Potato Head on the other hand, 800K (not sure) for entrance.. bottles at least 2M.. with some snacks.. easily get 10M.. About double.. but hey.. it’s new year eve.. I might go to Potato Head.. See you there guys!

Sushi Q Teuku Umar Denpasar Bali

What a lucky day! So hungry after a long massage session.. I went to Jalan Teuku Umar to keep my big belly happy.. I was a little confuse between Mie Bandung or something heavier.. Accidently.. found this brand new restaurant called Sushi Q.. The Q is stand for qombi.. It’s the old minivan of VW.. The car is parked in front of the restaurant.. not sure if the sushi was made inside the car.. Google Maps: -8.681557,115.19935

I arrived around 9.30 PM.. I was explained that they were not opened yet.. today is for test food only.. everyone will get one food and one drink for free.. everyone means everyone.. including me who was no-one to them.. I only have to pay the second food.. sound good!.. The place is very typical teuku umar restaurant.. you only come to eat and go.. they have air conditioner and non area.. it’s good.. clean..

All sushis were fnisihed! I ordered beef yakiniku, udon soup.. tasted ok.. to much black pepper for the beef yakiniku.. but ok for me.. the soup for udon was nice.. I could feel the seaweed taste.. normal tea was served instead of typical japanese ocha tea.. why?.. They’re really panic for the first day (that’s why they give the food for free :).. hopefully the next day they will be better.. It’s only 20K for each food.. and 50K for 3 foods.. really cheap! really value for money.. recommended!

Sambal Shrimp Seminyak Bali

Brand new restaurant just opened in Seminyak area. The name is Sambal Shrimp. It’s located in jalan drupadi, seminyak. Google Maps: -8.682979,115.164365. The place was japanese restaurant before. It’s fully renovated while still keeping the old wooden house style.

The place is on second floor.. parking area is ok.. can fit around 6 cars.. the security guys are excellent.. they bought me cigarettes haha.. They have 2 outdoor areas.. quite large one at the front.. small one at the back.. the main area in the middle.. quite large also.. low dim light.. all wooden furnitures.. it’s nice.. no air conditioners however..

Their best menu is the sambal shrimp of course.. as the name says.. I tried it with some additional sambals like sambal matah and terasi.. if i’m not wrong.. This shrimps was really really nice.. the taste of the prawn and herbs was perfect.. I also like both sambals.. really nice..

But.. it’s expensive.. The sambal shrimp itself was 150K.. about 300gr.. see the picture above.. You have to order min 300gr.. I spend 230K for the prawn, 2 little sambals, 1 bowl of rice and 1 coke.. the portion was not even 1/4 of my stomach.. i’m big anyway.. other foods was also expensive.. fine dining restaurant prices..

I like the food but not the price.. the place is nice but not good enough for fine dining.. If they are cheaper.. like half of their prices now.. I would go three times a week!