Warung Made – Seminyak

Most wanted place by domestic tourist!!

Made’s Warung or Warung Made has 2 warung. One in Jl. Bakung Sari and the other one is in Jalan Seminyak. The one in Bakung Sari is smaller and only for pedistrian, they don’t have any car / bike space. The other one in Seminyak is a lot bigger and you can park about 50 car *i think* behind the venue.
This warung sells many type of food: western, indonesia, chinese, balinese. Why people come here? For domestic, they want to have balinese food which you can normally have only in small dirty warung. For foreigner, they like the balinese touch of this restaurant. Well this is only my opinion.
The food is nice and price is reasonable.
Our Score:
Food: 7.5
Place: 8
Price / Food: 7.5
Repeat Order: YES

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