Dahana Japanese Restaurant Peti Tenget Bali

Just found another excelent Jap Resto.

The Place
I often pass this street and never realise it was a restaurant. You can only see its wall from the street and it’s pretty dark at night. But the interior is so nice. It’s mix outdoor western and balinese interior style. There is a pool and a whirpool in the middle.
The Food
The foods are really really nice. I tried yakiniku, fish teriyaki (malty) and chicken┬ámarinated ┬álemon (something, can’t remember the exact name). Chicken lemon is the best. I never tried this in any other places.
The Price
Price is considered cheap compare to the place and the taste. Most of the JAP food is 30.000, steak about 50.000.
You must try this place!

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