Puncak Bagus : Other View of Bali

Bali is famous of its beaches. Kuta beach is among one of the best beach in the world. White soft sands, long beach, nice waves, sunset.. just perfect!

But don’t forget, Bali doesn’t only have beaches. Bali has four lakes and four of them in the high area near mountains and hills. Nice cool weather. There is this one place, oftenly called Puncak Bagus. Actually Puncak Bagus is the name of the cafe in the area. The area itself is called Munduk.

In this place you could see two lakes: Buyan and Tamblingan with mountains and hills background. Just perfect! You have to go in the day time. Don’t get too late in the afternoon, it’s mostly got foggy. You hardly see a thing when it’s foggy.

Google Maps: -8.244959,115.1017

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