Warung Eropa – Balinese Food in Peti Tenget Kerobokan Bali

It’s quite hard to find a nice balinese food around Kuta area. But Warung Eropa surely give you nice balinese type of foods. Warung Eropa means European Restaurant. But their European food is ok only, I like their balinese food better. I think they should change their name to something more Bali.

The place is alright.. Balinese style restaurant with no aircon but cool enough since large rice fields around the place. Car park is ok. The area is not crowded. The food, I like the Deep Fried Duck package with urap2 vegetables and rice. Yummy! It’s better with the one in Ubud I would say.

Just now I tried their Ayam Penyet (Chicken) package again with urap2 veges and rice. It’s really nice too. The chicken was cooked with balinese yellow sauce. Mix with their sambal matah (raw chili with some herbs and coconut oil), it’s just perfect! The taste is really balinese.

Balinese taste is the same taste you get in every balinese food. It’s like Indian food. There is this taste that always there. Mostly this taste is changed so it’ll be more universal accepted. Not all people like this taste. More than half of my overseas and other cities friends don’t like the taste. It’s why you find it hard to find this balinese taste around tourist area.

Dont forget to try their desert too. Chocolate cake with vanila ice cream. I can’t remember the name, but I’m sure it’s not brownies. It’s really nice, the chocolate melt in my mouth.

Google Maps: -8.672882,115.158391

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