Nirvana Restaurant – Peti Tenget

The price is right! This restaurant absolutely have the quality in the right price. I came to this restaurant last weekend, after reading some reviews on the internet.

I really love the food and atmosphere of this place. When we came in, we served with some fried peanuts and a little of margarita each. It’s just really nice so that we finished them in 1 second :). The staff then got us another little glass each, so nice.

In average, the main course is below Rp. 100.000 each. The special menu was mix grilled and mmm forget!. oh man, am I this old? We ordered the mixed grill and beef tenderloin, I really like the tenderloin, it’s tender and the herb sauce was really good. The mixed grill consist of tuna, chicken, prawn, chips and some veges. This on was ok, i mean no difference with other restaurants. If you are an orange lover, remember to order the fresh orange juice is really nice and cheap. It’s only Rp. 15.000! And don’t forget to order margarita since they give the tester for you hahaha. It’s nice!

The seats and tables was not too close to each other which gave us more space to relax. And it’s not too crowded. We could still talk at the normal db. It’s an outdoor place and the weather was just right when we were there. Live music made the atmosphere event better.

Let’s meet there next weekend.

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