Bali Tourist Areas and Characters – 1

I would like to describe some tourist areas in Bali and their characters..


This place can show you the real Bali is. You MUST MUST visit Ubud when you are in Bali. When people (Australian especially) hear the word Bali, they mostly will think about beautiful beaches, hot weather, excellent waves, hot babes ahah.. etc etc.. That’s exactly right.. but there’re more things as beautiful as its beaches.. They are the cultures, the people, the scenery which all you can find in Ubud..

Ubud is located at the heart of Bali island.. It’s less contaminated from outside cultures.. people here is really really nice.. most of their job are artist and farmer.. you will see a lot of art galleries include painting, statue, craving, etc etc.. you could also see beautiful tropical forest, rice paddies, natural river, etc etc.. please don’t ever expect any wild attractions in Ubud..

One of the favorite place in Ubud is monkey forest.. it’s a tropical forest with monkey all over the place.. there’s a temple just near the river.. I really like the ambiance.. the sound of forest.. it might get a little scary at night though..

Things todo in Ubud:

  • browse some galleries, museums
  • go to the forest, rice paddies, rivers.. you can enjoy some attractions there also such as river rafting, elephant and horse riding, off road cars, etc etc..
  • Ubud has the nicest restaurants and cafes in Bali.. those really worth a visit..
  • join some classes such as yoga, meditation, etc..
  • enjoy open air massage with rice paddies / river scenery..
  • see Balinese paranormal.. watch the eat pray and love movies.. staring Julia Robert.. if you are into this kind of things.. Balinese reading will give another side of your stories..

Things don’t:

  • getting around drunk and naked..

Kuta and Legian have the same characteristics.. The area just next to each other.. Kuta is like the sea.. Legian is the mainland.. when people mention Kuta.. it’s usually mean Legian as well..

These places are the most famous area of Bali.. they’re considered the first tourist area in Bali.. Kuta has one of the most beautiful white in the world.. honestly!.. it’s endless beach from end to end.. beginner to mid surfers love the waves.. a lot of waves but not really hardcore… just perfect when you are a beginner.. many surf lessons on the beach.. i wish i could be those guys who teach surf.. arrggghh..

You’ll see lot of backpackers.. cheap hotels.. cheap foods.. you can go as low as 75K for a room without AC.. 150K with AC..

Things to do in Kuta / Legian

  • Get drunk!
  • Enjoy the beach.. sunbath, massage, beer, surf, soccer, etc etc..
  • Enjoy the clubs.. there’re lot of clubs, bars, cafes.. side by side.. in Legian.. visit them one by one.. it’s free for foreigner..
  • Enjoy the girls.. this is not for everybody allright!.. see my other articles about having girls in legian..
  • Get magic mushroom and flyyyyyy..
Things dont
  • Do NOT have sex on the beach!.. you’ll get caught..
  • that’s about it..
to be continue..

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