Uluwatu Blue Point – True Paradise

I was really amaze how beautiful Blue Point is.. It’s a true paradise.. while there is no beach.. the hill edges and “caves” make it’s really really beautiful.. I went there last week.. it’s really different from the first time I came few years ago.. a lot of cafes, massages, the stairs are made from concrete.. and it looks busier.. car park was full!

The place is right on the south of Bali.. facing the Hindian Ocean.. there’s only one way to get there.. Go towards Uluwatu Temple.. just before the entrance of the Temple.. turn right.. this is the last right turn of the street.. follow the street.. you’ll see Blue Point sign on the left.. there’s actually a shortcut.. it’s kinda hard to tell..

Just after parking the car.. I’ve already seen how beautiful the scenery is from this top of hill… I walked down the hill.. cafes and massages along the walkway.. the best view was when down the last stair.. a small beach along big rocks.. it’s like a cave beach.. it’s really amazing.. Some locals told me that it used to be a nude beach last years back.. when less people know this place.. where’s the nude beach now !? anyone !?

If you like to surf.. this is the perfect place to go.. the waves are constantly come.. don’t have to wait longer.. but if you’re a real beginner.. don’t surf here.. the waves kinda strong.. do some classes at Kuta beach before you surf here..

After spend some times enjoying the water.. I went up to have massage and beer while enjoying the scenery.. this is A MUST GO place!

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