Nanny’s Pavillon Beachwalk Kuta Bali

Beachwalk Kuta is the latest mall in Bali. It’s huge. Some areas are still under development. But mostly they are running and selling. One of the nicest restaurant is The Nanny’s Pavillon. It’s located in the front area, near the beach, separated from the big building.. It’s a bit confusing which is the front part of this mall. Too hugeee..

They have outdoor and indoor area. When it’s not too hot, it’s really nice to seat outdoor. Otherwise full conditioner indoor area provides 3 big sofas, some tables and bar tables. Nice place to spend some times eating and chit chat before movies.

Their favorite foods are their baked rice menu.. it’s a rice with some herbs and melted cheese on the top.. it’s really nice.. Not to forget their spaghetti tuna.. it’s so damn nice also.. it’s so tasty.. Their blueberry pancake and chocolate waffle are also greatttt.. drinks were ok.. I can’t remember what I took.. but it was standard.. i might have chosen the wrong one..
Nanny's Pavillion Baked Rice
The price is good.. most of the food below 50K.. the portion is nice for ladies.. a bit smaller for man.. but again the price is right.. you can order another one.. A lot of time I went.. They are really full during lunch and dinner time.. specially in the weekend..


Musashi Japanese Food in Nusa Dua

Musashi is one of the pioneer japanese food in Nusa Dua area. It’s located in Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan. It’s on the way to Pantai Geger where the new huge Mulia Resort is. Google Maps: -8.811563,115.224692.

What I like most is its location. It’s in a really quite area, far from any crowds. Mulia Resort is just opened, they might make this area busier. But for now, it’s still really quite. I’ve come like five times to Musashi, and all the time, there weren’t many guests. It was about 2 – 4 tables. The restaurant have about 2 unwalled rooms with 2 tables, about 3 or 4 tables in the main area.. They also have outside area..

I had salmon and tamago sashimi, karaage, one of the best seller sushi with salmon, unagi and tobiko black and two island shiraz.. i forgot the name of the sushi.. I asked for the best seller one.. waiter gave me that.. the sashimi was really nice.. it’s fresh.. I don’t like the wasabi however.. it’s not HOT.. I like their karaage best.. compare to others jap resto.. I would say Musashi has the best karaage.. The sushi.. whatever the name.. was OK only.. I can’t taste the unagi.. the mayonise taste was too strong..

Total I paid like 900K+.. the wine itself around 300K+.. Price was a bit too expensive I guess.. they put on 15% of service if I’m not wrong.. this doesn’t feel right.. 5% should be OK.. but not 15%? ..

Dapurku Dapur Sunda Bali

Another West Java or Sunda type of restaurant has opened in Bali. It’s located in Sunset Road between the intersection of Kunti St and Nakula St. Google Maps: -8.691548,115.173062. The place is big, you have no worry about parking space.

The main different of Dapur Sunda and others is their private dinner area. They have many small dining rooms, fully air conditioner which can accommodate around 10 people or maybe more. When you have a discussion or privacy dinner, these rooms are really convenient. They also have normal restaurant table area in the front.

I tried the Gurami Cobek, Kangkung Cobek, Sambal Terasi and Sambal Matah. Gurami Cobek is OK.. They cut the fish in small pieces.. The fish itself was really nice.. it was really fresh.. not odd fresh water taste.. The sauce, on the other hand, was not really nice.. FOR ME tough.. But I like the Sambal Terasi and Sambal Matah.. It’s damn hot but nice.. It got even nicer when I mixed these two different sambals.. Next time I will order just normal Gurami Goreng.. i think they call it flying gurami.. something with fly.. and order these two sambals..

Price is quite high compare to their competitors nearby.. Bale Udang Mak Engking and Ikan Bakar Tempoe Doeloe are very similar to Dapur Sunda.. Their size of restaurants, their foods and their origins are very very similar.. However Bale Udang and Tempoe Doeloe sell their fish a lot cheaper.. Dapur Sunda sell their fish around 70K.. Bale Udang and Tempoe Doeloe around 50K.. The same apply to their vegetables also..

Offer all.. The only thing I’ll miss to Dapur Sunda is their sambals. And I might also go if I need privacy group dinner.. Other than that, I’ll go to Tempoe Doeloe.. Tempoe Doeloe has better taste of the fish, the vegetables and cheaper of course!

District Night Club ex Musro

Went to District on Saturday for the launch of Fashion Vodka. I’ve heard the rumors that the new management has put a lot investment to renovate the place. My expectation was quite high that the place will be a lot better.

Well.. when entering the entrance.. I’ve to throw away that high expectation.. only small little changes to the club.. if you ever go to musro last time.. this new district has no different.. well may be just a little bit.. the lighting, table design, sofa.. I didn’t go to the karaoke room that day..

The party itself was ok.. Only see 2 ftv type of models with lots of f vodka bottles on their table.. there is no free trial of the vodka like they did in Hu’u Bar when they launching the f vodka also.. the crowd was ok but not for long.. live band performance on the stage untill around 1 i guess.. some models on the stage for a short time.. that’s about it.. it’s quite boring after a while..

I didn’t pay for the entrance that day.. not sure how much for the entry fee was.. drink prices are club standard.. cocktail around 100-200K..

Sunset Beer n BBQ at Sky Garden

I’ve just enjoyed a really good afternoon today.. It was only 50K.. I’ve got free flow beers from 1 hour and all  you can eat nice food for 3 hours!

I’ve noticed while ago from Sky Garden tweets (@61legian), they have free flow beer and all you can eat food every afternoon. But dunno it could be this nice. The new garden at the top really give nice atmosphere in the afternoon. It’s comparable or even better to many nice expensive restaurants in Seminyak area.

The free flow beers start at 5 – 6 PM. Quite short one, but again it’s only 50K with the food! The waiters go around and around pouring the beer to your glass. I was seated at the back corner. Don’t ever seat there if you are a beer lover. The waiter only bring one jug, and it always finish before they reach my table. I will seat near the bar next time!

The food is nice. Considering the price, it really really damn nice. haha. Today, there are onions (cooked in 3 different ways), bread, roast chicken, sausages, hamburgers, chicken and beef bbq kebab, pork ribs, pasta, etc etc.. it’s a real food.. you can keep on eating them until 8 PM.. I’m still so damn full now! I might skip breakfast tomorrow..

This is a real bargain deal. Nice place, nice atmosphere, nice food, nice drink.. also.. last but not least of course.. nice chicks!

Bedugul Bali Saranam Resort

Bali is not only kuta, legian, ubud or nusa dua! There is one treasure almost be forgotten nowadays. Bedugul!

Bedugul is only one of many tourist destinations in the area.. The area is in high land with really nice cool weather.. Bedugul is a place in Bratan Mountain with Bratan Lake.. Another 2 lakes are Buyan dan Tamblingan Lake.. They really close to each other.. about 15 minutes driving.. It seems only Brantan Lake is managed well until now.. You can go around the lake by boat.. rent a jet ski.. there’s a hotel.. and the latest one.. there’s villas which only can be reached by boat! this is really cool.. only 700K per night.. I will spend my night there someday.. just to find the right partner.. imagine there will be nothing else but trees and fishes..

As the area getting famous.. More and more attractions coming.. there’s a tree top in the botanical garden where you can be a tarzan.. there are two places offering horse riding, atv, etc..

The best view for me still in Puncak Bagus where you see two lakes from the hill.. I wrote about that long ago..

One of the best hotels in the area is Saranam Resort.. Nice rice field scenery.. unfortunately, you cant see the lake or mountain from here.. they have rooms and bungalows.. stay in bungalows.. really quite.. really nice to clam our brain.. but i can’t stay more than 1 day here.. except..

Crab Food in Bali

I am a big fan of crab food.. In Bali the choices are not many.. there’s only 2 restaurants (that i know of) specialize in crab.. others are more to chinese food restaurants.. damn I really miss those chili crab in east coast seafood center singapore!..

The nicest one is in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Tuban.. the name is Crab Chubby.. Google Maps: -8.741985,115.181737. They sometimes have those big big crabs.. for those who like egg crabs.. they normally have them.. Price around 180K – 200K per kg.. for me I like the one with saos sambal.. *glek*

The second nicest is in Pasar Kuta.. Google Maps: -8.722515,115.176437. They call Kepiting Sukro.. They have more variety taste.. but they rarely have those big crabs and egg.. They have 3 different type of crabs.. 55K per portion for dead crab but still taste OK.. smaller crab (300gr and below) for 120K per kg.. bigger crab (350gr and above) 180K per kg.. The best is saos pedas sukro.. beware this is HOT..

Take a look at above picture, this is the kepiting saos pedas sukro.. 1 crab of 400gr.. *glek*

Uluwatu Blue Point – True Paradise

I was really amaze how beautiful Blue Point is.. It’s a true paradise.. while there is no beach.. the hill edges and “caves” make it’s really really beautiful.. I went there last week.. it’s really different from the first time I came few years ago.. a lot of cafes, massages, the stairs are made from concrete.. and it looks busier.. car park was full!

The place is right on the south of Bali.. facing the Hindian Ocean.. there’s only one way to get there.. Go towards Uluwatu Temple.. just before the entrance of the Temple.. turn right.. this is the last right turn of the street.. follow the street.. you’ll see Blue Point sign on the left.. there’s actually a shortcut.. it’s kinda hard to tell..

Just after parking the car.. I’ve already seen how beautiful the scenery is from this top of hill… I walked down the hill.. cafes and massages along the walkway.. the best view was when down the last stair.. a small beach along big rocks.. it’s like a cave beach.. it’s really amazing.. Some locals told me that it used to be a nude beach last years back.. when less people know this place.. where’s the nude beach now !? anyone !?

If you like to surf.. this is the perfect place to go.. the waves are constantly come.. don’t have to wait longer.. but if you’re a real beginner.. don’t surf here.. the waves kinda strong.. do some classes at Kuta beach before you surf here..

After spend some times enjoying the water.. I went up to have massage and beer while enjoying the scenery.. this is A MUST GO place!

Bali Tourist Areas and Characters – 1

I would like to describe some tourist areas in Bali and their characters..


This place can show you the real Bali is. You MUST MUST visit Ubud when you are in Bali. When people (Australian especially) hear the word Bali, they mostly will think about beautiful beaches, hot weather, excellent waves, hot babes ahah.. etc etc.. That’s exactly right.. but there’re more things as beautiful as its beaches.. They are the cultures, the people, the scenery which all you can find in Ubud..

Ubud is located at the heart of Bali island.. It’s less contaminated from outside cultures.. people here is really really nice.. most of their job are artist and farmer.. you will see a lot of art galleries include painting, statue, craving, etc etc.. you could also see beautiful tropical forest, rice paddies, natural river, etc etc.. please don’t ever expect any wild attractions in Ubud..

One of the favorite place in Ubud is monkey forest.. it’s a tropical forest with monkey all over the place.. there’s a temple just near the river.. I really like the ambiance.. the sound of forest.. it might get a little scary at night though..

Things todo in Ubud:

  • browse some galleries, museums
  • go to the forest, rice paddies, rivers.. you can enjoy some attractions there also such as river rafting, elephant and horse riding, off road cars, etc etc..
  • Ubud has the nicest restaurants and cafes in Bali.. those really worth a visit..
  • join some classes such as yoga, meditation, etc..
  • enjoy open air massage with rice paddies / river scenery..
  • see Balinese paranormal.. watch the eat pray and love movies.. staring Julia Robert.. if you are into this kind of things.. Balinese reading will give another side of your stories..

Things don’t:

  • getting around drunk and naked..

Kuta and Legian have the same characteristics.. The area just next to each other.. Kuta is like the sea.. Legian is the mainland.. when people mention Kuta.. it’s usually mean Legian as well..

These places are the most famous area of Bali.. they’re considered the first tourist area in Bali.. Kuta has one of the most beautiful white in the world.. honestly!.. it’s endless beach from end to end.. beginner to mid surfers love the waves.. a lot of waves but not really hardcore… just perfect when you are a beginner.. many surf lessons on the beach.. i wish i could be those guys who teach surf.. arrggghh..

You’ll see lot of backpackers.. cheap hotels.. cheap foods.. you can go as low as 75K for a room without AC.. 150K with AC..

Things to do in Kuta / Legian

  • Get drunk!
  • Enjoy the beach.. sunbath, massage, beer, surf, soccer, etc etc..
  • Enjoy the clubs.. there’re lot of clubs, bars, cafes.. side by side.. in Legian.. visit them one by one.. it’s free for foreigner..
  • Enjoy the girls.. this is not for everybody allright!.. see my other articles about having girls in legian..
  • Get magic mushroom and flyyyyyy..
Things dont
  • Do NOT have sex on the beach!.. you’ll get caught..
  • that’s about it..
to be continue..

Bali Holiday | Nyepi 2012

Nyepi probably the most unique and strange thing about Bali. It’s a holiday in Bali and Indonesia. Indonesia treats Nyepi is just like another holiday, but not in Bali. Nyepi is the first day of new year in balinese calendar. It’s a day (24 hours) of complete silence. I put a word complete because silence not only applied to your ears, it’s also applied to your eyes! You can see complete information of Nyepi in

I won’t go into details of what Nyepi is.. that information is everywhere.. just googling on it.. and the fact is i dont really know either.. haha.. Nyepi is on 23rd of March this year.. I’ll list what to expect on Nyepi if you are in Bali:

1. On 21st of March.. supermarkets will be full of people.. some foods will hardly to get.. you should prepare yourself before that.. buy some foods to survive in 1.5 days..

2. On 22nd.. shops, restaurants, department stores, supermarkets.. mostly all businesses in bali will be closed around noon time.. 1 or 2 PM..

3. The ogoh ogoh parade will start around 6 PM.. Get a bike or walk to the nearest big intersections.. they normally do some attractions in the intersections.. Ogoh-ogoh is statue that built from wood, paper etc.. It’s part of Nyepi ceremony.. search youtube for ogoh-ogoh to get the idea what it is.. this is cool.. you should see this if you happen to be in Bali on 22nd..

4. You won’t be able to go anywhere by car since 6 PM.. the street will be full of ogoh ogoh and people..

5. The parade normally finish by midnite..

6. On 23rd.. Nyepi day.. Nyepi will start at 6AM.. No one is allowed to go out.. even the airport will close!.. NO TV, Paid TV nor Local Radio!.. If you have free satelite tv or radio, lucky you!.. dont forget to get some series DVDs.. or a 2000 pages novel..

7. Evening.. no light.. no candles.. it has to be completely dark!.. you will be notified by the pecalang (security in the area) if you have light coming from your house..

8. On 24th.. 6AM.. Nyepi finish.. back to normal..

most points don’t apply if you stay in a big hotel.. Hotel is allowed to have some lights in the room.. Some hotels will have some channel on their TV… restaurant will be opened in the hotel.. they might close earlier though..

it’s really the best day when you want to have 12 hours sleep without any disruptions.. there wont be any sound of constructions, dance musics, concert, crowd playing guitar, people talking on the street, sound of cars.. etc etc..

only some people really do the nyepi ritual.. some choose to stay in hotel.. some choose to darken their home.. i used to do this when i was a kid.. i chose a room with less windows.. i closed those windows with cartons.. so it’s completely dark from outside.. brought the tv in.. and i spent the whole night there watching tv.. daytime was easy.. tv could still be on.. but now.. tv will be off.. gov rules.. hopefully gov wont turn the electricity off.. can’t understand why gov force people tolerance this far.. this topic is for another blog.. haha..